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2006 Central Ontario Summer Skate

August 17-20, 2006

Competition Results

Photographer's Note: The senior compulsory dance, senior ladies' short, and junior ladies' short were shot from the audience side. The arena kept the hockey glass up as well as a netting that extended from the hockey glass all the way to the ceiling. The other events were shot from the judges' side. Only one segment of hockey glass was taken out and the true professional photographers had dibs to that section, so most of those photos were still taken from behind the hockey glass and some of the photos have a slight glare. However, they are still of much better quality than those from the Saturday morning events.


Senior Dance: Compulsory Dance
Senior Ladies: Short Program
Junior Pairs: Short Program
Senior Pairs: Short Program
Senior Dance: Original Dance
Senior Men: Short Program

Senior Pairs: Free Program
Senior Dance: Free Dance

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