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The goal of is to serve the figure skating fan with results and news from the figure skating world, as well as an extensive archive of past results. Always under construction, keep an eye on the website as more and more competitions and skaters are added. Tracings aims to archive all international competitions at the novice, junior, and senior levels. In addition, Tracings will archive national championships as well as the qualifying competitions that lead up to nationals.

ISU Championships, Grand Prix, and Junior Grand Prix events are posted shortly after their conclusions. Other events are current through September 2017 and will continue to be added chronologically.

Past Grand Prix standings:
2019-20 Grand Prix Standings
2019-20 Junior Grand Prix Standings
2018-19 Grand Prix Standings
2018-19 Junior Grand Prix Standings
2017-18 Grand Prix Standings
2017-18 Junior Grand Prix Standings

New in the Archives:
2022 World Junior Championships
2018 Skate Canada Challenge
2022 Olympic Games
2017 Santa Claus Cup
2017 Shanghai Trophy
2017 Skate Celje
2022 Four Continents Championships
2022 European Championships
2017 Open d'Andorra
2017 Tallinn Trophy
2017-18 Cup of Tyrol
2017 Merano Cup
2018 Romanian Championships
2017 Russia Cup 4
2018 U.S. Pacific Coast Sectionals
2018 U.S. Midwestern Sectionals
2018 U.S. Eastern Sectionals
2017 CS Warsaw Cup
2017 Leo Scheu Memorial
2017 Ice Challenge
2017 Volvo Open Cup
2017 Tirnavia Ice Cup
2017 Denkova-Staviski Cup
2017 CS Minsk-Arena Ice Star
2021 GP Rostelecom Cup
2021 GP Internationaux de France
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