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About the Administrator

In the fall of 2003, I noticed that there did not seem to be a skating website that was organized the way that I would have done it, and I hated jumping from website to website to find the information that I needed. After running the idea by a few friends, I decided to begin the groundwork on, not realizing then what an extensive project it would become. A year was spent designing the website, experimenting with organization, researching profiles, and beginning to archive the initial season. When Tracings was officially launched in September 2004, it had a full year of results in the archive and I planned to keep up with the season while adding profiles and more result archives. The task has been slow going, but Tracings has become one of the most comprehensive websites for figure skating results and biography information on the internet. It has also expanded to include photography from the events that I attend.

My interest in figure skating began in 1992, when the pairs caught my eye during coverage of the Olympic Games. Although I was young, but I recognized the beauty in the sport, and I loved the way that it was set to music. Since 2007, I have worked as a photographer, journalist, and editor at, where I lead the Canadian beat. I also freelance for a variety of other outlets.

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